About the
Gospel& Project

The Gospel& Project started with a goal to answer a simple question: “How does the gospel intersect with all areas of our lives?” We believe the good news of Jesus Christ — his death and resurrection — makes all things new. It should change the way we view the world. And it should influence and inform our view on certain “hot topics” like human sexuality, ecology, politics, race, substance use, culture and more.


These topics are just the beginning. Since the gospel informs all of life, we started The Gospel& Project to help serve our world. We want to connect the good news of Jesus with relevant topics so people can understand and believe that Jesus really did give us a better way to live.


We also believe that as we proclaim the gospel story to our culture, it will be a blessing and benefit to everyone. It’s our way of being generous. As the Bible says, “Work for the peace & prosperity of the city where I sent you. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” (Jeremiah 29:7).

“Because the gospel is endlessly rich, it is the only thing that can handle the burden of being the “MAIN THING” of a church.”
– Timothy Keller

Imprint Church

The Gospel& Project had its beginnings in 2014 when Imprint Church realized it would benefit the Church around Seattle and our culture to talk about human sexuality. There was (and is) much confusion around homosexuality and same-sex marriage, even among churches; so we wanted to talk about what the Bible says about attraction and human sexuality in light of the gospel in a gracious and helpful way. We offered our first conference called “The Gospel & Sexuality” in June 2015, and we had Christopher Yuan on a Saturday evening and Sunday morning to talk about his story of Jesus redeeming His life and helping him find freedom as a man with a same-sex attraction. We had a packed house! It helped us realize that there are people with questions about how the Christian faith intersects with life — and this compelled us to launch The Gospel& Project.


Imprint Church started in the Fall of 2012, and has been growing steadily. By God’s design and grace, we want proclaim the good news of Jesus to the world and make generous disciples of Christ in everything we do. To find out more information, you can find us online at www.imprintchurch.org.