The Gospel& Race

It does not take a sociologist to look around at modern day America and assess that we have a racial divide. Some may erroneously argue that it went away after the Civil Rights movement, or the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, or the election of America’s first black president. However, 2016 highlighted once again that the division of people based on their ethnicity is still going strong. Small steps may have been taken to create a better environment of people of color, but is equality really there? Is America a place where everyone has the same opportunities regardless of the color of their skin? More poignantly, is the church a place that not only shows equality, but truly celebrates the expression of our creator God who made all people – “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages”? The Gospel & Race hopes to give us a vision of this future reality, and compel us to live it by God’s grace today.

About Our Speaker…
Pastor Steve Patton is currently a pastor of church planting at Reach Church in Kirkland, WA. He has 14 years of ministry experience leading churches into ethnic and cultural diversity in the nation’s most unreached regions – New England, the Bay Area, and now Seattle. He has been married to Nichole for almost 12 years and has 2 daughters aged 7 & 2. Steve has also written for publications like For The Church, Rapzilla, The Reformed African American Network, and

Video Resources

Session 1 — Steve Patton’s Story & Respectability Politics

Session 2 — The Church And Race & “Yeah, But Not Here!”

Session 3 — Question/Answer & Wrap Up

Session 4 — Revelation 7 & The Hope In The Church